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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a global chain of luxury hotels that operates 76 properties worldwide, with a strong presence in Canada and the United States. The company originated from two hotel businesses established in the late 19th century, the Canadian Pacific Limited owned Canadian Pacific Hotels & Resorts, and Fairmont Hotels. In 1999, Canadian Pacific Hotels acquired a majority of the shares of Fairmont Hotels; with Canadian Pacific later renaming its entire hotel division as Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in 2001. Shortly after the hotel division was renamed, Canadian Pacific Limited was split into several smaller companies in a starburst move, with Fairmont becoming a separately-traded company.

User "Rick D" writes a negative review on Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on the "TripAdvisor" website in August 2020:

"After watching a promotion to encourage local customers, my wife and I decided to try the "Hotel Van". Unfortunately, the reservation number given was an answering/booking service which not only wasn't interested in answering any questions about the Hotel or any Promotions offered. Further and coupled with extremely poor English, the reservations attendant didn't even know which city the Hotel Vancouver was located in!!! Huge disappointment, we were really looking forward to staying here as well as our attempt to help stimulate the local economy. Suggestion for future travelers: Do not use the generic booking service, call the hotel direct."


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Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Totally waste of your life. The management don't care about anything, except for themselves. They're completely the opposite from what they say. Run away while you can!"

Room Service Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Pokud si vayite sveho dusevniho ydravi, radsi myjte nadobi v restauraci nebo delejte popelare.Obedy zdarmaJidlo pro zamestnance je hnus.Manazeri lzou a svadi problemy na podrizene, mluvi sproste a berou drogy"

Junior server (Former Employee) says

"I have never had a work place as bad as the Mallard Lounge at the Fairmont in Whistler. As a junior server you are very poorly tipped (the senior servers keep 99% of it and the managers do nothing about it), over worked, and have no say. The physical work is unbearable and way more than what they say in the job description. Because of the way the junior staff were treated I will never recommend anyone I know to work there or even stay there asa guestWhistler was beautifulEverything about the job"

Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Bad company to work for you got alot of back biting people there.If your looking for a job find something else to do.Itś a unsafe bad place to work.The managers suck balls"

housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"If you like abuse here it is. Don’t recommend to anyone to work here and people are so stressed working here they are always in a bad mood, unfriendly attitude. Management are mean and abusive they think they are “the kings” attitude. Not for human work environment, they think Whistler is full of themselves."

Préposé au services techniques intérieurs et extérieurs (Current Employee) says

"Inintéressant, beaucoup de promesses pas de concrétisation.Repas cafétéria à $6Pas d'evolutions, pas de suivi, pas d'echanges"

general worker (Former Employee) says

"An extremely hideous place to be an employee and very high risk of losing ones life die to unsafe work activities and corruption from senior management."

Barback/Bartender (Current Employee) says

"Profit giant only wants to profit ,not satisy guests needs they never want to spend money to fix broken equipment or necessities and very bad on paying missed meal breaks"

Spa Therapist (Current Employee) says

"I had worked here previously in the spa and got on well. Since I have returned back with the fairmont spa I have been bullied, made to feel as though my issues caused through work did not matter and have been wrongly dismissed through very poor inexperienced management. I have never in my life with international experience in spas from different countries been treated as poor as this. Stay away from this place!"

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"No vale la pena de estar allí. Muy mala experiencia. Media hora para comer y no había tiempo ni para tomar agua cuando hay tanto trabajo"

Massage Therapist/Esthetician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work at, not friendly at all. They don’t treat their employees well. They under pay you please be advised. They have lied to me big time about the whole hiring process. That once they hired me after all the work that they gave me a lame and illegal way of telling me that I’m not fit for the job. So I plan on reporting that because I’m very sure that this is not how you handle getting rid of people that maybe you don’t like that everyone has freedom of speech. So apparently their excuse of saving that im not fit for the job because I told my trainer the girl who was training me that the pay is not where its suppose to be. So they called me to the office and said oh we can’t have you work because that doesn’t work with us if you share your opinion about the pay. Really?! last time I checked this is America and we can say certain things when its true. I didn’t said anything. So advise you or anyone that is applying for any job at this facility is if you’re not hired after interview #1 and start to work within that week that please don’t waist your time or money on this process that if you look middle eastern like me that they will find a way to say you’re not fit for the job or somehow can’t hire you at this time so basically just a waist of time. They are very dishonest individuals with the whole hiring process. And they’re very disrespectful."

Line Staff (Former Employee) says

"From the regional Vice President to the Director of HR, a bunch of manipulator and incompetent people. Disrespectful to people, sneaky to the guests and incredibly dirty with their restaurants operation! No more, thank you."

Kitchen Steward (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 2 half years. Put a fat lobby girl stawarding manager. Because my supervisor had neck surgery. Her in manager in HR team up on me on some overly abused power ego authorities in fired me. Count less Hard working nights and busting hurting my hands washing Thousand of pots and pans and dishwasher. It’s wasent worth it they don’t appreciate anything"

No comment (Former Employee) says

"NULL... Mis à part le cadre il n'y a rien de bon. Je me demande comment ils arrivent encore à convaincre des gens à travailler pour eux. Si vous hésitez, jettez un coup d'oeil au turn-over ....chaque mois ils doivent réengager car personne ne peut travailller dans des conditions et avec des dirigeants aussi déplorables."

Bartender and Server (Former Employee) says

"You are not given the tools and the support to meet the standards expected. Management is unconcerned with your work environment and will take you to task at every minor guest complaint. The high management turnover rate is a testament to the culture. I was set up to fail before I even walked in the door. They slashed the discounts and seniority is the only way to keep a full work schedule. There is no joy in the job. I tried. I was promised things and they were quickly forgotten. There are a lot of unhappy people working there. I would recommend anywhere else but here.InsurancePoor Management. Nonexistent leadership or willingness to set up systems that work."

Serveur (Former Employee) says

"- salaire minimum - mauvaise ambiance - peu de respect - management tres discutable - beaucoup de commentaires déplacé vis à vis des employé et clients - aucun bénéfice - prix des repasAmbiance generale"

Round Cook (Former Employee) says

"The worst place to work ! The humans resources messed up all the time since my first day the give me wrong time and date , and pay check , over charge union fees , lies if you ask for something ..... Stay away from this place if want to be happy in your live Even if they have the union there I doesn’t help"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"When I interviewed to work in at The Georgian in the Fairmont, I was not at all given the accurate description of the job nor told how demanding it is. They will work you like a dog and pay you almost nothing for the first 3 months. Hostesses in The Georgian NEVER receive tip out even though the hostesses in other dinner restaurant (Shuckers) receive a portion of the tips. During the holidays I was worked 10 hour days. I was also required to work all major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.) I never received my time and a half holiday pay because I was "still in my 90 beginning period." Also, I was never given my legal 10 minute (per 4 hours) break. I know the servers sometimes were not able to even take their 30 minute lunches. The manager is awful and never addresses any of the employees concerns. After 4 months, I was done, I left and never looked back. Overall it was a horrible experience and I would caution anyone thinking of working for this company (especially this location).NoneHorrible environment to work in"

Front Office Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a couple of years. Worst place to work. Supervisors and managements are a joke, to say the least. In my opinion, the GM and Director of HR are very unprofessional. How they have (and continue to hold down) those titles is baffling. I had a couple of interactions with the HR Director. Boy, oh boy. The lack of knowledge and professionalism displayed by all upper management is incredible. Yeah, it's easy to rehearse helping guests with a personalization and smile, but why don't you focus on your employees and morale for a change? Revenue is too valuable? Workplace culture is very non-existent. It's hard to feel good about coming to work here when your immediate supervisor and upper management are on power trips. It is actually quite amusing. I am so happy I finally left this place. There are many more details I could type out, but the ratings I gave will suffice. I think it is self-explanatory.I no longer work hereToo much to type"

Kitchen Helper (Former Employee) says

"They will hype up the place a lot. Act all happy when you are first hired. It is all a lie, this place is far from happy and functional. Barely any proper training was given. Spent the majority of it sleeping, eating, and playing on my phone in the chattery (lunch area, stay away from the seafood). When it came down to the busy season I had no knowledge of most things required which is obviously not good. They will make you work illegal hours. Working until 12am and back at 6am. They will expect this back to back. Absolutely insane!! People with seniority over you will throw those shifts at you so they can sit in the TV room all day. The management was absolutely horrible. My manager went on Vacation during the busiest time of the season, both of mine did actually. I didnt have a clue who was in charge for the first 2 weeks of them gone. Was a surreal experience, and made me lose faith in most of the current managers running the hotel.Co wokersManagement, hours, not respecting labour laws"

Amaka Valerie says

"A very disappointing turn out/end to this trip.... My partner and I have been at this hotel on a half board basis since Monday and initially was very happy with the way we were welcomed. A couple of things have however not been great. Firstly the standard to which the rooms are cleaned is not great. To make matters worse each day we have been here we have had to alert the staff at reception that once again our room had not been cleaned. After getting annoyed of always requesting something which we thought would of been standard procedure, I queried the issue.... in which I got a response of the cleaning staff having a ‘scattered rota’ which I thought was bizarre. Surely after being out the room for the whole day you would expect your room to be cleaned. Especially Fairmont being a 5* hotel, I wasn’t very happy having to request this to be done everyday! Moreover, our main concern was with the lack of information we had been given upon arrival. Once again basic information such as WiFi details was not given. But the one thing that actually has now ruined our last day here in Dubai is the fact that we bleed not given information in regards to checking out. Being pregnant and having a late night flight, we wanted to avoid the stress of having to check out at noon and wait around in the heat for hours. Come midday we have come to find out that they have actually rejected out request for a late check out. Apparently the room had been booked out for another guest who was due to check in. We spoke to a couple of staff at the hotel who all contradicted each other with one stating that the request had been put in and she was unsure why we hadn’t been booked out. After speaking to several people, my partner decided to speak to the shift manager Anaisa Njeru, who advised us she would try and do the best she could but can not promise anything as the guest was due to check into our room shortly. She then told us she could extend the room for an hour being till 3pm as the guest would arrive at 6pm - but after that she was not able to do anything. We let her know out conditions and how it would be uncomfortable to use communal areas being pregnant. She then changed her story and advised she could extend it till 7pm.... how she managed to do this after she said the guest would arrive at 6 was confusing but at this point we couldn’t complain. We will then wait in the communal area till it is time to go to the airport. Our main concern was the fact that she did not believe us when we told her that the person who that checked us in did not mention check out information. And furthermore, the request for last check out has not been confirmed. Instead she said she would investigate the matter.... she then went on to say that the normal procedure would be to let guests know check out information on the eve of departure - just to inform guests. Nothing was offered as complimentary to make up for the error THEY made and we believed we were just dismissed. Very disappointing that we were basically being told we were lying and being kicked out the room. This is not the first 5* hotel we have stayed in but believe this is properly the worst treatment we have received. Especially from management Just be aware and take not of information given. Unfortunate experience, we do not believe that our condition was taken into consideration."

Traveller says

"The Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square San Francisco, I have fractured my foot and they were not able to cancel the booking. I will travel in 4 months. Don't stay here and don't use Booking,com."

hilldec interiors says

"We met up with friends at the fairmont in whistler told by friends how great it was, we asked for service on the terrace 3 times, no one visible serving outside, there were three waitresses inside doing nothing! One waiter arrived after twenty minutes only to inform us that he would not be serving us! Finally after 1/2 hour someone deigned to take our order. 35 minutes to get served! Our first glass of wine was standard full glass served elsewhere in the resort and the second was half the amount at 27. 50 a glass was appalling! Never would stay, drink or go there again, bad service lazy staff with no sense of good service."

Kathryne Marie Scovil says

"We booked a room on Priceline for a four-star hotel it ended up being the Fairmont of Dallas it was really beautiful on the outside the staff however was not nice and not accommodating to get into our room we got into our room put our luggage down and went out for the evening. We got back to the room around midnight my daughter climbed into her bed only to discover that it was filled with hair human hair from all parts of the body we call down to guest services they sent someone up to our room with an extra set of sheets no pillowcases who did not speak English , we had to show him the pillowcases and conveyed that we needed for more which he did go get and bring back, we had to change the sheets and remake the beds ourselves trust me I was not happy about doing that especially where it was supposed to be a four star hotel it looked more like a two star on the inside the next day we call Priceline and told them what happened they contacted the hotel , The hotel asked us if they could move us to a suite since we had booked for 2 nights because they wanted to make it up to us and they dropped the charges for the first night , and agreed to buy our breakfast so we agreed and moved into the suite, it was nice but it was old and a very small bathroom and the toilet paper holder came off of the wall the first time we touched the toilet paper , Then we realized that my daughter left her Prada sunglasses in the case and her beats in the case in our previous room we called down to see if we could get back into our old room and it was a nightmare , it took us almost 2 hours and having to threaten to call the police before they would go and let us into the room to retrieve her items that were worth over $600 out of the top drawer in the nightstand, So overall I gave them a one star rating because the whole experience was absolutely horrible they did try to make it up to us by giving us a suite, but after we went the rounds with their security about getting back into our room to retrieve some items that we had left I will never stay at this hotel again ... although I do want to say the head of housekeeping who's name is Val was very accommodating and nice the two people that we dealt with inside of the restaurant we're also very amazing but as far as everyone and I mean everyone else it was a horrible experience.!!!!!"

Juan Roland says

"good experience"

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